Virtual Reality + Mixed Reality

Leap beyond and achieve maximum performance.

Experience the future of simulation, visualization, and training with HOLOGATE’s revolutionary extended reality (XR) solutions.

Visualize anything imaginable and become fully immersed in any type of real-world situation or even high-risk scenario to train, sharpen skills, and boost retention, or simulate to prepare your team for the challenge of the completely unexpected.

Our expertise, your benefit.

Our immersive solutions power the world’s largest location-based XR network. Trusted by millions we create end-to-end solutions that fuse our exceptional expertise in the field with high-end immersive technologies and our proprietary software solutions.

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  • Development
  • Production & Integration
  • Analysis


Our Products offer a wide while specialized application to a range of industries.


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Next-Level Hardware

VR Free-Roam Systems

Next-level virtual reality systems that utilize the best hardware components in an intuitive software platform. Customizable and allow for diverse use-cases and flexible spatial designs from up to 1000 square meters, supporting up to 16 simultaneous users.

Zero Motion Sickness

VR Motion Simulators

We design and build custom motion simulator hardware and software solutions that allow a wide range of motion like realistic flying or driving applications in customizable scenarios. Freedom to move and rotate in multiple axes designed to eliminate simulator sickness.

Hyper-Real Scenarios

Immersive Environments

Hyper-real environments and scenarios with next level audio-visual fidelity, which produce deeply immersive simulations of reality are crafted by a team experienced in creating many of Hollywood’s photoreal visual effects driven blockbuster movies and AAA games.

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of Extended Reality

Supercharged Training

XR enables a supercharged “learning by doing” process, many studies have shown dramatically increased results. VR learners are 4x more focused, train 4x faster, and are 275% more confident in applying new skills after training.

Cost Effective & Flexible

Save on setup time, incurring travel expenses, requiring teams of live extras, and wasting resources. The ability to realistically simulate, visualize and train anywhere, anything, and at any time, is truly a game changer.

Realistic but Safe

XR eliminates the risk of injury to team members and the damage of costly equipment while still being able to re-create hyper-realistic high-risk situations but in safe virtual environments. Even before uncreatable scenarios are possible now.

Our Partners

Giving us early access to cutting-edge technologies before market release.

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Case Study

More efficient. More effective. More flexible. Facing complexity through collaboration.

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    About us

    We support your XR projects with an all-star team of experts that previously worked on AAA game software production and photoreal Hollywood visual effects, along with seasoned engineers involved with XR hardware development and international deployment. HOLOGATE client’s and partner’s include Audi, Sony, the Fraunhofer Institute, and the German Army, and others.

    In addition to these extensive skills, our senior management has served in the special forces, worked as paramedics, and have all found their passion in applying XR technologies to enhance humankind.